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Tropical Supreme is a powerful addition to your angling arsenal that embodies sharpness and tanginess. This potent liquid attractant exudes an irresistible allure that travels far and wide in the water, drawing fish to your bait with its tantalizing scent. Designed to provoke feeding responses, Tropical Supreme delivers a sensory experience that fish simply can't resist. With its dynamic characteristics and unparalleled effectiveness, Tropical Supreme promises to elevate your fishing game to new heights.

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Pango Supreme emerges as the natural evolution from its predecessor, Mangonana Supreme, rekindling the essence of mango's unmatched allure. With each application, Pango Supreme unleashes a distinct punch, drawing fish in with its irresistible aroma. The blend of exotic fruits creates a synergy that triggers feeding responses, ensuring that your bait remains irresistible to fish.

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Mulberry Supreme is a groundbreaking advancement in fish attractants that takes the renowned fish-catching capabilities of mulberry to unprecedented heights. We've reimagined this classic ingredient, crafting a rich, luscious scent that sets it apart from the rest of the range. With its unique aroma, Mulberry Supreme represents a new direction in fishing bait, offering anglers a powerful new weapon in their pursuit of catching fish.


Frutti di Mare Supreme Goo brings the explosive flavors of the Mediterranean to your bait. Infused with the succulent taste of fresh seafood and bursting with citrus, this Goo is packed with proven carp catchers that will entice even the wariest of fish.



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The super popular Squid, has just got better with the addition of the White Squid! A request from Danny Fairbrass, the White Squid has been successfully tested over the past four years. This proven and naturally attractive flavour can now be used without changing the colour of the hook bait to pink.



At Kiana we are always trying to raise the bar, hence this one is a little different to what you would expect for a Goo. The Moonshine has been on test for several years and has become a firm favourite with those that have been testing(even if I mixed up the original labelling for the samples with another product also being field-tested at the same time, which turned out good but resulted in the Moonshine not being released much sooner). Strong very unusual ingredients for a Goo that tastes amazing and nothing quite like you would expect.



The Outrageous Orange Smoke proved so popular we had to make a Supreme version.  Featuring the same citrus smell, taste and vibrant orange colour as it's predecessor, we're sure this is going to be a hit!  Because of the thinner viscosity the Outrageous Orange Supreme will be ideal for soaking hook baits, but when combined with the Smoke to glaze your baits it will create an unparralleled attractor. 




This is a Smoke variety, and although it has a mild fruity smell, it is actually deceptively potent. Like some of the other more recent Goos, it has a milky, pastel colour, giving it a marshmallow-pink colouration. As well as being a popular choice with carp anglers, it will also find favour with those who fish matches or for other coarse species.
It is a Smoke, but isn’t a super-thick consistency so it will work well in colder water temperatures, below 16 degrees, as well as it will do in warmer ones.  It will work really well in PVA bags, or smeared onto the outside of your feeder, and you won’t need to use a lot of it to make fish home in.




Over the years almond has been one of the most popular and successful flavours in the range – its effectiveness was proven in Underwater 7 & 8 at St Johns on the Linear Fisheries complex!

Given its popularity, along with the fact that so many anglers favour white as a bait colour these days, we set about coming up with a White Almond version.  Proving just as deadly a carp catcher as it's predecessor Pink Almond Supreme.  White Almond Supreme is perfect for soaking hookbaits.




A MONSTER attractor! Sherbert Goo Smoke harnesses the citrus type flavours that have the “fizz” we know carp love. A MONSTER CARP favourite that has been successful in catching BIG carp around the world. Why not try coating zig foam, injecting solid bags and even adding an extra layer of goodness to the outside of your hook bait.




Wonderberry was the very first Goo available in white, which proved an instant hit those wanting to emulate the washed out look. Wonderberry has since gone on to become a firm favourite with it's carp catching record.

The smell of this is very different and is based on a blend that has been a hugely successful carp-catcher where Goo first originated, South Africa!




The Spicy Squid Supreme is very sweet and very strong, with a distinctive smell which has been one of our very best Carp catchers in Europe over the last few years.

It has accounted for some humongous captures and is often refered to as a game changer when the bites seem hard to come by.

With this being a Supreme the thinner viscosity lends itself perfectly as a hook bait soak, penetrating right to the core and leeching that carp pulling power out for hours and hours.



Nothing penetrates quite like the Pink Almond Supreme. It will cut into skinned tigers and is great on PVA sticks, but we’ve not found a better way to use it than soaked into your hookbaits. When used in tandem with the thicker Pink Almond Smoke, the two combine to create an attractor package that's unrivalled!




This is still one of the most popular and effective Goos ever! It's perfect as a hook bait glaze - especially when dried on and reapplied. Keep rolling, coating, rolling, coating and drying. Each layer will give you increased leakage time. Use the Supreme with the Pineapple Smoke for a combination that has been proven to be a devastatingly successful carp catcher.  




Introducing Banoffee Supreme Goo, the ultimate combination of sweet toffee and banana, specially created at the request of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass. This white, gooey concoction has proven irresistible to carp and is sure to be a hit.




The FIRST meat flavour Goo EVER! A deep, strong authentic Salami flavour which has proved brilliant in deep water lakes during testing, pulling the fish down to the Salami soaked hook baits. A very hard flavour to describe the spicy, sweet, hot and savoury flavours which combine in a perfect meaty mix to create Salami Smoke Goo.



We have not gone overboard with Citrus flavour Goo’s in the past ten years as we have the Pineapple Goo’s in our range from the very first series launch. So due to the amazing success of Pineapple supreme we wanted to try and raise the bar with something equally as special.  After much trial and error, we think we have finally cracked it. The new Jungle Juice supreme is a natural blend for a Citrus explosion. If you like our Pineapple this will become a firm favourite. Super strong citrus ingredients that soak well into your hook baits and described by our field testers after trials as a “No Brainer” for release.



No Name is different to the other products in the range, it seems slightly subtle in colour and scent at first BUT the aroma gains in intensity, getting stronger with each smell.  This attribute carries over into the water column allowing it to travel and pull carp in with incredible results.  In testing it proved to be special straight away, so much so, for the first time ever the field testers asked for it not be released because of the results they we're having with it.  

It is a Supreme, so it's perfect for soaking hookbaits which over time will penetrate right to the core, leaching out and drawing the fish right to your hook bait. 




This Supreme variety is quite unique in that it actually has very little colour to it, but during testing it has been incredibly effective.

It has a fruity, ester smell to it and is strong enough that it catches the back of your throat when you sniff it, and it is great for soaking into pop-ups and wafters, to basically create an Isotonic Goo ‘sponge’ which can be used in any water temperature!

During testing it has proven to be very effective at getting quick bites, even when fished over large beds of bait, and has also had a knack of picking out the bigger fish.




Outrageous Orange Smoke is a fairly thick liquid in a pastel orange colour, with a citrus orange taste/smell.  Orange coloured baits have been very popular for over 30 years, and they are still just as successful today. In terms of the flavour, orange isn’t as commonly used as it maybe should be as it combines sweet and citrus notes, making it a deadly attractor.

The viscosity of the Outrageous Orange Smoke makes it ideal for adding to PVA bags before they are cast out, or for painting on to hookbaits. This one will definitely be popular during the warmer months.




The legendary Scopex needs no introduction, and was made famous decades ago by the legendary Rod Hutchinson, and now we have created a new Goo with a twist on the great attractor, that has enhanced it even more.

The Super Scopex Supreme is a wonderfully vibrant Goo, with a slight orange appearance, and it is perfect for drizzling onto hookbaits and letting it soak right through to the core.




Just from the smell of the Bumbleberry you know that it is going to catch fish, as it has a very sweet, berry smell to it.


This is one that Ali Hamidi personally worked on with Kiana as he has been a big fan of berry flavours mixed with citrus for many years.


This will colour your baits a dark pink - depending on what colour the bait was to start with - and gives off a subtle haze in the water, making it perfect for stick mixes, bag mixes and of course soaking hookbaits!




This Goo has a unique flavour enhancement which again is a proven Carp catcher. Excellent for pre-soaking your hook bait or many other applications. The cloud produced is subtle but distinctive and a proven carp catcher.  Fantastic for soaking hookbaits or added to a stick mix like in the video below.




Halibut is just an awesome fish-catching attractor and Halibut Haze Smoke is no different. It’s a fishy flavour with a slight fruity twist. It’s very thick, so it sticks brilliantly to the outside of baits. By the summer months it really comes into it's own and it’s one that both carp and barbel anglers love. It’s great dried onto hook baits and in solid bags, and don’t be afraid to combine it with another Goo product, something fruity is a proven winning tactic.




This is an extremely sweet, sticky Goo with that unmistakable sweetcorn scent. It’s not just restricted to use with hook baits, you can add it to ground baits, roll mixers in it or even glaze freebies. It lends itself brilliantly to zig spod mixes, it can be used in combinations on hook baits but does very well when combined with loose feed.




This is one from the original series and it's still one of the most popular and effective Goo's ever! It works fantastically injected into solid PVA bags or to glaze hookbaits, bottom baits or pop ups.  Try soaking your baits in a Supreme and then coating with Tutti Frutti Smoke for ultimate attraction.




For those who love a balance of sweet and tart, we have Passion Fruit Supreme Goo! This innovative blend captures the distinctive flavor and floral aroma of ripe passion fruit, making it impossible to ignore.




Get ready for a fiery blast of hot, spicy carp catching magic that turns any hookbait into a fireball of attraction. A hot blend of spices that come together to create a flavour you know carp love but can’t quite put your finger on… this is Dragons Breath. As you can imagine it is orange like flames and will make any bait you add it too taste and look fire.



Another Goo we have had in our book of spells for some time and on test for a few years, a great summer Goo and proven Carp catcher and again a little different from anything in the existing range.  Imagine hubba bubba on steroids.  With this Goo being a Supreme it's viscosity is very thin, making it ideal for soaking hook baits as it will penetrate to the core, leaking out attraction for hours and hours.



This Supreme variety has a very sweet, acidic smell which is reminiscent of a popular energy drink, hence the name.  


Proving very popular in testing and already accounting for some serious captures in it's short career we're sure this is going to be a firm favourite, as it does have a knack of picking out the bigger fish.

It is great for soaking into pop-ups and wafters, to basically create a Goo ‘sponge’ which can be used in any water temperature!




This is a name that needs no introduction as krill has been popular in carp fishing for a few years now.

Some anglers like to match attractors with the bait that they use, and this has got a really fishy smell to it so will match up well with fishmeal baits – but can also be combined with sweet or fruity ones. It is a Supreme, so is perfect for soaking into hookbaits, and will penetrate right to the centre of them over time.

It has already proven to be very popular!




With the undeniable success of the almond GOO's and the popularity of the washed out look a White Almond had to be produced.  As they say the proof is in the pudding and it's already become a firm favourite because of it's catching power.


Couple the Smoke with the Supreme as hook bait soak for a truly devastating attractor.  The White Almond Smoke also works particularly well injected into PVA bags.



The Buttercorn is one of the finest blends created to date by Kiana, and during testing has been nothing short of extraordinary, with carp, big and small, from across the globe. 


One taste will indicate that this isn’t your usual liquid attractor, as it is delightfully sweet and a potent fish attractor. It has been a wonderful hookbait soak, plus a great addition to stick, Method and bag mixes, and even as a light glaze over loosefeed. 


The colour is another plus for those who favour white hookbaits, or the washed-out look.




Emulating the classic carp catching properties of tiger nuts and their combination of natural sugars and irresistible nutty taste, the Tiger Nut Smoke is ideal for coating tiger nuts and other hook baits. When dried on, the natural sugars used in the Tiger Nut Smoke will slowly ooze into the water column, providing an irresistible trail of attraction down to the hook bait.




This is very sweet and strong like our Pink Almond Smoke. It also compliments the Squid Supreme. It has a much thicker consistency which can be used in solid PVA bags and also dried onto your hook baits. Spicy Squid Smoke gives off a cloud which although subtle seems to drive the carp wild. This has been used extensively over the last few years and the outstanding results speak for themselves.




A Proven Carp Catcher......The thicker of the two Pink Almond Goos is perfect for coating hook baits. For best results, repeatedly coat and dry the hook baits to produce hook baits that pump out attraction for hours. Not only is the combination packed with potent attractors, it also produces baits that are a vivid pink colour.




The Pineapple Smoke is brilliant when directly added to solid PVA bags. If you’re fishing a runs water and you want to get some attraction into the water quickly then coating sticks works well. You can use it on zigs. The South Africans actually dry this stuff onto their zig foam.



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